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Many issues regarding child support often arise when the other party does not pay their child support obligation. Once an attorney determines that an Order was previously entered regarding child support and the opposing party has not complied with that child support order, then the attorney may move the court to address the issue. There are various types of motions an attorney has at their disposal depending on the type of order and relief sought.


The amount of child support that has not been paid must be paid in full, regardless of circumstances. Typically, past due child support, known as arrears, will be paid over a period of time the Court deems reasonable, along with all future child support obligations.


If the other party who obligated to pay child support does not make that payment or continually fails to make payments, then you can request that the Court hold the other party in contempt of Court. This means that the Court will determine the other party has acted wrongfully and has not followed the Court's Order. If the Court finds the other party in contempt, it is possible that the other party may be ordered to pay your attorney's fees for having to being the action against them.


You may also request that the Court enter an Income Withholding Order (IWO) which deducts the child support obligation directly from the other party's pay check (if the other party has a job in which they receive paychecks).


If you have any questions on your rights and how to receive child support that is owed but has not been paid, contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your options.

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