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A new job opportunity, a change in your family may require you or the other party to move. The custodial parent must get the permission of the Court to move with the child more than 50 miles.  Our office represents parents wishing to move and parents who wish to fight a custodial parent wishing to move.


The Court is required to follow the factors set out by the Legislature in Florida Statute 61.13001. Each factor and the weight the Court will give each depends on the facts and circumstances. Some of the factors include:

  • How the move will affect the child
  • Any other factors that are not specifically covered by the Statute, but will have an effect on the child’s well-being
  • The reason the parent wishes to relocate
  • The reasons the non-relocating parent is objecting
  • The child’s age and developmental needs
  • How well the relationship between the non-relocating parent and the child can be preserved after the move
  • If the child has an opinion on the move, if the child is old enough
  • Relocating parent’s access to employment, medical care (if relevant) and schooling for the minor child

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Temporary Relocation Orders:

A Petition for Relocation hearing can take up to 90 days to be scheduled, but a temporary order may be possible within 30 days. Whether you are requesting a relocation or defending against a relocation request, our office can help you work for or defend against a relocation.


Contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation if you are facing life circumstances which require you to relocate with your child or if the custodial parent is requesting a relocation.

If you have received a Legal Notice of Intent to Relocate, you need to contact an attorney immediately as you have a very limited time to respond and oppose the relocation.


When dealing with a relocation, the Court follows whether the move is in the best interest of the child. If you are pursuing relocation, you must prove that you are relocating for the best interest of the child...

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When life circumstances change and a parent must relocate more than 50 miles from their current residence with their minor child, Florida law requires Court approval to move...

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Each relocation is drastically different; each case and each set of circumstances warrants a thorough and detailed investigation into whether the move is truly in the best interest of the child...

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