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Most cases can be settled with out-of-court negotiations or during mediation. Often times reaching a settlement to complex family cases may require for both parties to receive thorough legal advice to ensure their rights are being protected. Many of the terrible stories people have heard about divorces, child support, mother’s rights and father’s rights stemmed from one or both parties simply having unreasonable expectations. As such, having a prepared and knowledgeable attorney who is able and willing to prepare you can often be the difference in having a successful resolution and an unnecessarily combative case.


In Florida, most family law cases will be ordered to attend mediation. This is the process where the parties will attempt to formally come together to work out their differences without going to court. Both parties and their respective attorneys will attend mediation with their clients and be able to work with their client on potential settlements. Leading up to the family mediation, our office remains in constant contact with you, specifically related to any new information that may affect the outcome of their case and what you should expect. Before mediation, we find that a diplomatic approach often gets our clients a much better result.


In most cases, finding an amicable resolution to your case is preferred; mediation and out-of-court settlements place you and the other party in control of the ultimate outcome of your case. This means that if you do not like a specific proposal by the other party, then you have the ability and right to offer a counter-proposal that is more preferable to you. If your case requires trial, then the Judge, not you and the other party, is in control of your case, often having to make decisions related to your finances and children without fully understanding your life.


Our office strongly believes that preparing and the attorney being highly involved in your case is the best method obtaining the most preferable result. Contact our office today to schedule a no obligation, free consultation with the attorney to find out how our office can help.

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